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The Bookstand

“Bookstands That Sell Books!”

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Phone: 207-236-2011

E-mail: thebookstd@gmail.com



> Small Bookstands consist of a wedge shaped base sized 4 ¼“ X 4 ¼“ into which two 6” dowels are placed.  The face is approximately 1 ¼“ X 4 ¼“.  The resulting stand supports one face out book without allowing spine to sag.  Finally, an ergonomically friendly Bookstand!

Small Mahogany Bookstand

Price: $47 per dozen (12)

> Similar to the small Bookstands, with the exception that the larger size is specifically designed for art or larger books, i.e. coffee table books.  They are 5 ¼“ X 8 ½“ into which two 9” dowels are placed.  The dowels are set 5 ½“ apart for greater stability.  The face measures 1 ½“ X 8 ½“. 

Price: $52 per half dozen (6)

Large Mahogany Bookstand

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We ship via UPS and Priority Mail and will strive to find the best price for your order.